Seekyt is a newer online writing site that require writer to write at least 2000 charters per article. What is the most unique and my favorite part about this site is that writers earn with both with Google Adsense and Amazon Associate. The admin splits the profit quite generously 70% to writers. Seekyt also offers a spot for sharing your feeling and thought in a journal.

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List of Sites that will Pay you for Writing Online: For professional writers, Guarantees to pay you $675 a month for the first two years and a minimum of $500 after two years and also additionally per month for page views. They require four articles a month.

Associated Content You can post Text, Video, Audio, and Images. Offers upfront payments from $1.00 to $20.00 for certain types of content. Associated Content Also pay $1.50 per one thousand view. Payments are sent by PayPal. Text contents needs to be at least 400 words long.

Article Base a Free site for publisher and to get article to publish on blogs, newsletters, or websites. You can leave a link in the resource section back to what you are promoting. This is a great way to get more articles or exposure to increase traffic.

Bright Hub wants quality writers for 300 to 750 work articles. Minimum payout is $20. Paypal is required for anyone outside of the US. In the us you can get paid by Paypal or by check. Bright Hub also give $10 per article that keep within the guide lines and ad revenue sharing.

Bukisa is for Education, Informative, or Directional Articles. They also pay when you reach $10 per month.

CloudCrowd is a newer company that has task they need done, like rewriting a few badly written paragraphs. The company pay the next day to a PayPal Account. CloudCrowd is a good site when they have work available. Sometimes there is no work to be done.

Constant Content is a consignment shop for article and picture. Get paid to have the article publish but also sell under full or unique package can not be sold or published anywhere else.

Daily Article a place to sell and buy article. You can sell articles to other people and set your own prices.

Demand Studios pays weekly through paypal. However they do not mention what they pay is. They have articles and video put all over the web.

Examiner Requires 3 to 4 post per week. Pay depends many different variables.

fireHOW is a newer site to write "How to" articles. Once you join their WPP plan they pay per month for earning over $10.

Helium articles need to be at least 400 words long. You can earn money up front for writing a contract articles on predetermined article titles. You also earn money from rating articles and contests. Helium will pay through Paypal when your earnings reach $25. They also have a market place where you an earning amazing amounts by getting a freelance article. $12 to $280 per article on just the first page!

Hubpages Place to publish original articles.

infobarrel For information and "how to" article. on infobarrel you have to have an adsense account and make money off the ads around your article.

QualityGal pays weekly through Paypal on Fridays. They offer assignment that need to be complete by the end of a given time frame.

RiverStream a site that pay you to write reviews and to vote. Reviews can be about anything.

Seekyt Requires 2000 charters per article and offers 70% earnings with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

Suite101 fill out a formal application including two samples for writing between 400 to 600 words long. After approval, which takes about 24 hours, they send you an email with a link to the contract. The contract require you to write 10 articles in 3 months. Pay scale is not in black and white, but you make money off the ads posted around the article. Suite101 will review and possibly edit all your articles as well.

Squidoo is a place where you can make any pages you wish for free. They call the pages lenses. They share 50% of what is earned from Ads and Affiliate links.

Textbroker is a place to write original content. Pay is based upon a quality rating, the higher the rating the more pay. If you get a "direct order" someone asking you to write something, you can set your own pay.

Triond is a place to publish any kind of writing, picture, video, or audio. They have a network they publish the content to the most relevant websites. They split the earning in half with you. They pay by Paypal, check, or Western Union.

Tutorial Tub write tutorial and get paid from the ads placed on the page with the tutorial.

Xomba you can post content about anything except for violence and adult content. They share Google Adsense 50/50 with you. Must have a Google Adsense account.

Written Road offer details about available writing jobs. They call themselves a virtual cafe. The site offer many good leads and job offerings for online articles.

Places to Advertise your link to your Articles

Digg place to share content online with other readers. If people like what is submitted they call it digg. The more people digg your submitted links the more traffic you will your article.

FaceBook another great place to post article links. A great place to talk to friends and family.

MySpace another great place to post article links. Talk to friends and family and post update about whats going on in your like.

She Told Me is a great place to post your articles like when a description. You can make more money on She Told Me from ads placed on your page with the article description.

Submit Express will submit your site to the search engines for you. The more people can find you in online searches the more traffic you will get.

Twitter is a place to post your article links.
You can make money off Twitter by using link shortners. Like